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Isosceles is an easy-to-use geometry drawing app, available for iOS and Mac. You can use it to create compass-and-straightedge constructions, draw precise diagrams on an isometric grid… the possibilities are wide open. You can measure the slope, length, radius, circumference, and other information about figures easily. Also, construct midpoints, perpendicular bisectors, angle bisectors, and altitudes that update live to stay attached to their parent objects.

Check out the free iOS version of Isosceles as well!

Download on the App Store

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My Grapher

(iPad version available)

An intuitive, versatile graphing calculator app for algebra and calculus. With My Grapher, you can graph myriad functions including trigonometric, hyperbolic, greatest integer, and absolute value. Evaluate functions by touching the grid, calculate tangent lines and zeros with a tap, convert linear equations between forms easily, and access a library of reference on each of the functions available.

Download on the App Store

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This is the most beautiful sheet music viewer app you will ever find on the App Store. It includes everything you need to perform (including a night mode) and no intimidating paraphernalia. P.S. There is a secret area in this app: scroll up in the scores view to find it. Your clues are —UP BEAT COLOR—.

Need free sheet music to use in ScoreReader? Check out my list of suggestions from around the Web.

Download on the App Store

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The Rock Cycle

An interactive story about the rock cycle in poem format. Great for teachers and students!

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StageIt is a simple lung cancer staging tool. Using a question-and-answer format, you can determine the stage of a lung cancer patient.

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11 thoughts on “Apps

  1. Isoceles messes up when I connect it to a VGA projector. Crashes often. The image that is projected does not line up with what is on the ipad when you zoom in or out.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up about aligning the diagrams. I’ll include this fix in the next update. As far as crashes go, I unfortunately can’t fix them unless I can accurately reproduce them. Just shoot me an email from the Help menu whenever the app crashes. I hope everything else is working great for you!

  2. Won’t open past the page that says loading sketches since I did the latest update. Running the latest IOS on an IPad.

    1. Yes, unfortunately I’ve heard about this bug. I have to thank you, though, for being the first one to post on this blog so I can actually work with you to fix the issue.

      Could you please email me a description of your library of sketches (e.g. How many sketches do you have? What kind of sketches are they?) I also need to know whether you are using iCloud. If you are, you can get information about the sketches by going to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Manage Storage > Isosceles. My email address is

      Thanks again,

  3. Hi, I really like Icoseceles so far. One thing I can’t figure out how to do is to deleate the portion of a line beyond an intersection point. When I try to select the part beyond the intersection it just selects the whole line, but I only want to deleate the trailing bit to make a sharp star point.

    1. Hi! A simple way to do what you’re asking would be to create a new line from the start point to the point you want the line to end at, then selecting the visible portion of the old line and deleting it.

      Another way, if you don’t need the original end point, would be to select the current end point, then the desired end point (in that order), and in the pop up menu choose “Merge”.

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Thanks. I already discovered the first method, it works but is a bit slow. For the second method, I don’t see a merge option in the menu. Can you clarify?

  5. On the new FireRoad app, I’ve noticed one of the requirements lists isn’t complete, namely AUS2 in 6-2. It is missing some accepted courses that are found on the AUS2 list on the Course 6 degree requirement page.

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