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A new puzzle game for iOS: “loop”

It’s the summer before I head off to MIT, and of course I couldn’t sit around and do nothing. I dabbled for a while in creating virtual reality animations for Google Cardboard (a teapot that rings like a phone was as far as I got), and I even thought for a while about building my own OS. 

But around a month ago, I came across an idea that I couldn’t put down. It was a concept for a puzzle game, something that had been brewing in the back of my mind ever since I made my first app, My Grapher, back in 2011. 

It took being freed of school, really, to become capable of working on this idea! Because game development requires so many different kinds of art, a daunting challenge for a solo developer. From coding to story development to art design to music composition, I knew I would be on my own for the whole gamut. What I didn’t realize was just how time-intensive the whole process would be.

Well, a month of solid work later, I’m happy to tell you that the product of my efforts will be available soon on the App Store. It’s called “loop : a game of rotation,” and it centers on a one-eyed robot who is captured by a mysterious Institute. You have to rotate Loop into the tesseract (inspired by Madeleine L’Engle, of course) through the clever use of energy pods.

Here’s a video preview, featuring a snippet of the soundtrack I composed and performed alongside my friend Patrick McBride on violin:

I’ll be keeping you posted over the next week or so, as the game gets closer to its release. Reactions, suggestions? Please comment below!


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