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Isosceles Featured for Middle School Math

Isosceles free has been featured for middle school math apps on the App Store! This is an awesome place for teachers to discover Isosceles as a new tool in the classroom. But unfortunately, Isosceles’s rating is sadly low…

If you use Isosceles free and it’s useful for you, please support Base 12 Innovations by leaving a good rating on the App Store page! Every rating helps convince teachers that Isosceles is the best geometry app for their students, and we need all the ratings and reviews we can get.

If you’re having problems using Isosceles, by all means contact me in the app’s help menu! I’ve received lots of feedback from users so far, and their support has directly helped me put together the past few updates.

You can rate Isosceles free here on the App Store.

Thank you so much for using Isosceles, and I hope you’ll leave a positive rating on the app page to support me and my apps!


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