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Isosceles Tip: Isometry

One little-known feature of Isosceles+ is its ability to create 3-dimensional sketches with the Isometric geometry system. If you have paid for the premium features pack, you can use this system by tapping the gear icon, then checking Isometric. You can use this feature to make 3D graphs, like this:


You can also make cool optical illusions and designs, like this one:


Some of the other features in Isosceles that facilitate these drawings:

  • To shade the graph, I used the Link tool, then added a fill to the resulting polygon. To link lines together and create a polygon, select the individual lines by tapping and holding on each one separately. Then, if a menu isn’t already showing, tap one of the blue lines to show the menu. If the lines form a closed polygon, the option will be available to link them together.
  • For the 3D cross, I had to use the Polygon tool to draw two 12-gons, which represent the two shaded crosses. Then I used the Points tool to move each vertex to its proper location.
  • To fill the polygons, select all the polygons which should have the same fill color by tapping and holding on their sides. In the menu that appears, tap Info. Choose Fill Color to change the color.
  • For this kind of drawing, it’s important to turn Snaps to Grid, Snaps to Points, etc. This ensures that your sketch will look precise, which is key for a drawing of this type.

As you can guess, an isometric grid feature has applications in engineering, construction, and other practical fields. Let me know how you use the Isometric geometry system in the comments!


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