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Isosceles Tip for v1.3/1.4: Architecture

I’ve just released a new version of Isosceles, version 1.3 for isosceles and 1.4 for isosceles+. The new version adds some more cool stuff:

  • You can now make text annotations bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough (device permitting).
  • Add a name to a line.
  • You can easily move a point to the nearest integer coordinates or key in a custom location in the point’s Info menu.
  • Isosceles premium users can now edit background colors, grid colors, and default pencil colors for individual sketches.
  • Many bug fixes which allow Isosceles users to create and maintain more complex designs than before (see below).

To celebrate the new addition, this tip will illustrate some of the amazing things Isosceles 1.4 can do. Take a look at this floor plan made with Isosceles:


Some of the features I used to create this drawing:

  • To create the background color, go to Settings (the gear icon), tap Canvas, then choose Background Color and customize the color as desired.
  • To set the default pencil color to white, follow the above instructions but choose Heavy Pencil Color and/or Light Pencil Color. (You can toggle between these in your sketch by tapping the green pencil button.)
  • To create the doors, draw a line to represent the open door. Then choose the compass tool, move the center handle to the place where the hinges would go and drag the outer handle along the blue line to show the door’s path.
  • To draw the piano, simply follow the steps above to draw several consecutive arcs. The largest arc would have a center inside the piano, the next one outside, and the last one on the edge of the piano.

What makes this so easy in Isosceles is that you can zoom in as far as you need to without losing accuracy and snap points easily to gridlines. Version 1.4 allows you to style the sketch however you want very quickly. The compass tool also opens up new and innovative designs that simply can’t be done in most analytic geometry programs. And to top it all off, you can export any sketch into a crisp PDF document for print or web.

Please let me know in the comments how Isosceles 1.4 is working for you!


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