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My Grapher Tutorial: Polynomials

My Grapher includes powerful tools to help you analyze polynomials. In this tutorial, we’ll enter a polynomial, trace its graph, and find zeros, minima, and maxima.

1. To enter a function in My Grapher, (iPhone) tap the list icon to open the Equation editor. Then tap the + button.


2. Use the function keyboard to enter the polynomial. Powers can be typed using the caret (^) symbol.


3. To trace the graph, tap the graph (or tap and hold on iPhone) and choose Trace Mode. Drag your finger across the graph to find the value at that point.


4. Finally, you can get the exact value of a zero or local minimum or maximum. On iPad, tap the gear icon and choose Show Notable Points. On iPhone, tap and hold the graph and choose Points. Dots will appear on the graph showing the notable points. Tap one to view its coordinates.



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