Geometry Problems, Math Problems

Problem of the Day: 1/7/13


In the diagram above, the side length of the hexagon is 6 inches. What is the area of the square?

Solution to yesterday’s problem:
Daddy Jones can paint 4 sq ft/min. Mommy Jones can paint 5 per 2 min, or 2.5 sq ft/min. Baby Jones can paint 3 per 2 min, or 1.5 sq ft/min. The total rate is 8 square feet per minute. So let’s write a proportion for the problem, remembering that 3 coats of paint are needed:

\frac{8 \textup{ft}^2}{\textup{min}}=\frac{720 \textup{ft}^2}{x \textup{min}}




So the room will take them 90 minutes of painting. (Of course, this doesn’t include the time for the coats to dry.)


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