Geometry Problems, Math Problems

Problem of the Day: 12/26/12

Dana bought a large holiday wreath for her front door, which is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide. The radius of the wreath is 2 feet. Including the area containing the knob, how much space will be left on the door outside the wreath?


Solution to yesterday’s problem:
We can solve this problem with a simple proportion, knowing that each elf gets 1 cookie:
\frac{\frac{3}{4}\, \textup{cups}}{20 \,\textup{cookies}}=\frac{x \,\textup{cups}}{400000 \,\textup{cookies}}
Cross multiplying,
\frac{3}{4}\times 400000=20x
So Mrs. Claus will need 15,000 cups of sugar to give each elf a cookie. That’s more than 900 gallons of sugar!


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