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Problem of the Day: 12/21/12

In the figure below, STUV is a rectangle. UW = 13 and the ratio TU:UV=\frac{3}{2}. What is the length of side TU?

Figure - rectangle STUV
Solution to yesterday’s problem:
To find the average speed for the entire flight, we just add the distances and the times together and solve with the formula r=\frac{d}{t}.

The distances are 100 + 600 + 200 = 900 miles, and the times are 1 + 2 + 1\frac{1}{2} = 4\frac{1}{2}.

Dividing the distance by the time,

\frac{900}{4\frac{1}{2}}\times \frac{2}{2}=\frac{1800}{9}=200

So the average flight speed is 200 miles per hour.


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