Geometry Problems, Math Problems

Problem of the Day: 12/16/12

In the figure below, angles A and B are congruent and sides AB and BE are congruent. What is the sum of the measures of angles X and Y?

Solution to yesterday’s problem:
Classy Clothiers charges $10 per month with a $25 initial fee. Terrific Tailors charges $15 per month. Using t to represent time and C to represent cost, we can write the equation for Classy Clothiers as follows:

C = 10t + 25

and for Terrific Tailors:

C = 15t

Since the problem asks for the value of t so that the two costs are equal, let’s set the equation so that the cost for Classy Clothiers equals the cost for Terrific Tailors.

10t + 25 = 15t

To solve this equation, subtract 10t, then divide both sides by 5 to get t = 5. So the costs for both subscriptions will be the same after 5 months.


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