Welcome to Base 12 Innovations!

I’m Venkat, and I’ve created Base 12 Innovations to help students learn math and science. Since I’m actually in high school myself, I can often give a different perspective that might help you figure something out more easily.

On this site, I hope to talk about some of the concepts in math that you might come across anywhere from high school math classes to Mathcounts to standardized tests. (Mathcounts is a national math competition for middle school that I participated in last year.)

Please feel free to post a comment if you have questions or math concepts that I could explain. I’m contemplating talking about easy graphing techniques, perpendicular and angle bisectors, or maybe the Pythagorean theorem.

To illustrate my posts I’ll either be using a geometry app that I’ve made, Isosceles, or my graphing app, My Grapher HD. You can download these apps from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Finally, you can get a Problem of the Day in your Twitter feed by following @base12apps. Thanks, and I hope this blog helps you!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Base 12 Innovations!

  1. I am looking for help developing an app for my club. I have looked into it and to be completely honest it is completely way over my head any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
    Brothers keepers MC

    1. Hi Nessa!
      Writing an app is hard, there’s no doubt about that. Think of it as learning a new foreign language and writing a story in that language—that’s what learning to code is like.
      That said, with a few of the right tools and some persistence you can learn it quickly! All you need is a computer (a Mac for iOS apps), a good book on the type of programming you want to learn, and an Internet connection. I really would recommend you buy a book because it helps give you a solid starting point. As to it being complicated, I know it felt that way to me at first, too. But after a while working with the code, everything began to make sense. You begin to see code as a very sensible thing, not some gibberish as it might look to you now!
      If you don’t want to code, though, you can look up ways to make apps without using code. So it’s up to you what track you want to take—you have plenty of options if you’re willing to put in the effort for it.

      Good luck on your app-making journey!

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